Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mommy Talk Tuesday!{ Birth Stories! Was it everything you expected?!}

Welcome to the very first week of Mommy Talk Tuesday! If you missed my introduction to the idea, every Tuesday myself and Abbey from Life as a Lake are going to be posting a topic that has something to do with being a mother and discuss it! If you are a blogger you can write a blog post about the topic and link up with us, and even if you're not a blogger you can join in the fun and share your opinion by leaving a comment!

This week's topic is Birth Stories: Was it Everything you Expected?  Feel free to share your birth story and let us know if it was everything you expected it to be? Did it all go as planned? If not, what went wrong, or just different? Was it better or easier than you expected? What would you do different next time? And if you are an expecting first time mom, tell us how you HOPE your labor and delivery process will go?!


My birth stories are long so I won't share both of them now but I will tell you Noah's birth was NOTHING like I expected and Isaac's was everything I wanted and more! With Noah I was induced due to preeclampsia and went through 22 hours of labor. It was scary and long and miserable. I knew it wouldn't be a fun ordeal but I didn't think it was going to be that bad!

Isaac's birth was amazing! I was so worried about getting Preeclampsia again and I was worried things would be as long and miserable as the first time. But as I got closer to my due date and everything was going well, I was hopeful that things would be ok. I really did not want to be induced again either so I was hoping I would go into labor all on my own. Well much to my pleasant surprise my water broke all on it's own and I had a very easy and quick labor and delivery!

Both of my deliveries were beautiful but there was definitely a difference in what I expected each time! What's most important is that my babies were born healthy!

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  1. Lets talk about potty training. i need some advice!

  2. I'm curious about cloth diapers vs. Disposable.

  3. @FunnyPregnantLady: cloth is AWESOME and EASY! Saves a bundle and the earth too!

    My favorite cloth resource is www.Abbyslane.com and their blog is www.thecloththatcounts.com. Lots of great information on cloth versus disposables and getting started.

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  5. I agree with a cloth diapering post

  6. Maybe some kind of nutrition. My son will be switching soon from formula and having solids for all meals will definitely be different for us.

    Finding out meal ideas etc would be great.

  7. FunnyPregnantLady: Cloth diapers are awesome! And addicting :) My fav place is Kelly's Closet! I haven't really found a bad place for cloth yet though.

  8. I would say napping...specifically, transitioning to one nap...although sleep itself has always been a challenge for us.

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